Detailed technical animation of a proposed Data Centre

Technical Presentations

Enhance a technical presentation with an animation to accompany the spoken word.

Still image of a jetting ROV created for a marine engineering company.

Trade Shows and Sales Presentations

Attract clients with an exciting visual display, with the options of voiceovers and music.

Animation of a data centre control room.

Interactive Multimedia

Once the animation has been created it can be imported into an interactive 3d multimedia presentation.

Animation of an iron ore harbour and conveyor system created for a civil engineering company

Training and Safety

Increasingly animation is being used as part of industrial training videos. A virtual scenario greatly improves understanding.

Animation of a continuous Pipe Creation invention for the oil industry.

Corporate Videos

Business video production is a standard tool for business communication.

Animation of a DNA sequence for a science park promotion video

Where Do I Start?

The simple steps a client should take in order to create the perfect animation for their needs.

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